Poets Corner-ScatterLogue #17 to 29.


#17. To Love You and Touch You, Breathe your Air,….Your Existence….

#18. Trying to Appease my Mind.

#19. We’re gonna make so much Noise, the Planet will Jump and Shout!

#20. The Friction of Brilliance.

#21. Now all I have to do is get down from this Particular Peak.

#22. The Moment in Time that Fakes the Time.

#23. Good enough to distract me from my thoughts.

#24. Can you Fall in Love, over and over again?…..yes.

#25. In Essence,…can you see this is vaguely okay?..that we have to go back to a better place where the jokes are more Free.

#26. DysFunction is Not a Crime.

#27. Finally, I must like the Thing that I am.

#28. To be Alive, Free to be me….

#29. Adjective Thinking.


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