Poet Scorner-The Origin of High-Explosives….


Many people believe Gun-Powder was invented by the Chinese, deliberately,..by some old Alchemical-Monk in a Magic Chamber…this is not so…It was discovered accidentally in a kitchen in a Restaurant in Shang-Dong.

The Chef was pounding ingredients in a Mortar and Pestle for Petrified-Preserved-Duck with Vegetables…In his Mortar he had, amongst other things, Garlic, Ginger, Chilli, Oil, Honey, Lemon-Grass, MSG,..and of course, for the Preserving,….SaltPetre,…now called,..Gun-Powder…Anyway, he was pounding away when his Missus came in and a gust of wind blew his dry-ingredients all over the place,..whereupon the Chef howled,.. “FOR LUCK’S SAKE!!”…and slammed the Pestle into the Mortar….and off it went…KABOOM!!..…Well,..the Missus went back out the door and the Chef went through a window…the Petrified-Preserved-Duck was never re-covered…probably vaporised in the explosion….After, they worked out that the dazzling colours produced when the Duck went off was due to the addition of a combination of Aromatic Spices,…Saffron gives a nice Yellow and Turmeric gives Orange etc, etc,…

Anyway, that’s the Truth of the Matter……High-Explosives comes to us courtesy of the Shang-Dong Restaurant & Bar,…a Short-Tempered-Chef,…his Missus,…some Ingredients,…a Mortar and Pestle,…a Gust of Wind,….the SaltPetre/GunPowder,…..and one Duck.


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