meow6Exposition of the Existence-Please read before reading…

48. if a Dream comes True?.. does it stop being a Dream?..

49. A Debt to Mine Own Existence.

50. Ode to Self-Loathing…Picking bones from the Carcass of my Rotting Soul where the Stench of my own Existence Repulses and Sickens me……

51. In Stormy Waters…On the Good Ship, RESOLVE,..the Good Crew received the Bad News from the Good Captain that Stormy Weather lay ahead…This made them suitably Fearful but not Terrified,..For on the Good Ship, RESOLVE,…the good Crew received the Bad news……

52. How do you see Time?…or a Continuum?

53. It is a Human Function to HopeBe a Beacon…If you can see that you are the problem,..then un-beacon the problem.

54. All my life I have missed the Thing to hold and embrace and say,..”I Love You…”… apart from ####.

55. The Wavecomes from the Froth and returns from the Depths,..forming, that rolls and falls and gets bigger and forms more and more until the Wave Cusps and Crashes on the Shore and is no more,..then Draws to the Froth and returns from the Depths…

56. Take what is Visible and make it Poetical.

57. We Blame God for all the Shit and Cry,…”Why God?!”…..but it isn’t God,..it is us…..There is no God…Just Us…

58. The Last Time I looked,….I couldn’t remember….xx

59. Emotions can trigger Ideas.

60. Ink on my Fingers reminds me how Smart the Mind is…..

61. Must allow me to be Crazy…

62. It is not Natural to be Un-Natural.

63. If I Allow you, your Belief,….will you Allow me, my dis-Belief…

64. Everyone has a Worth,..Everyone has a Dream….Be Worthwhile-Be the Dream…



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