My Time is up, my Life is done, and all that I lost, and all that I won, all that I touched and tasted and felt, all that I breathed, and all that I smelt. All of my joys and my fears and my pain, all washed away like Memory-Rain,.. swirling away to dissipate, all of my Love, my Creations, my Hate.

So now comes my turn to turn into Dust, and the Iron in me must now surely Rust…maybe some kind of Crystalline-Re-Birth, as part of the Mineral-Strata of Earth,..Iron Pyrites, as I’m reliably told,..or as we all know it, of course, that’s Fool’s Gold. Ha! Ha!

…and that’s a Circle.

[Inspired, with thanks, by the cheerful optimism of Wilhelm Cortez.]


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