Why Friction is the Most Important Force in the Universe.



  Imagine a World with no Friction, a World where everything was absolutely slippery….like Ice, for example. Well, imagine you are standing, and then try to walk,…No Friction?..you’re not going to go anywhere,..just skating on the spot. So, perhaps you catch a gust of wind, and off you go, which is great,..but then, how do you stop?…You don’t,…not until you hit something fixed and solid, and then you stop…And this would be the same for everything, couldn’t hold a ‘phone, knife and fork, spoon, cup of Tea, couldn’t get into the bath, couldn’t get out of the bath,..couldn’t hold a dogs’ lead, couldn’t turn a key, etc, etc…see the difficulty?..

So, now to Fucking, Pro-Creation of the Species,…perhaps the most important function of a Human-Being,…making more,…Human-Beings,…all rather pointless really,…Anyway,….Well, a little slippery is obviously good… So there you are, slithering about, and it’s great, it’s lovely,…but without Friction,..well, you ain’t never gonna see the Stars,..ever,..except perhaps when you fall out of bed exhausted and bang your head on the floor,..and that won’t help,..so?..failed Mission, and no more Humans,..and that is why Friction is the Most Important Force in the Universe.

[p.s. Next time you are engaged in an activity that involves Friction,.. which is most things, remember this and then whisper quietly to yourself,..over and over,..” Thank Fuck for Friction. Thank Fuck for Friction…”]

That’s a Circle.


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