013It’s not until you plough a field do you realise it’s full of rocks…

  Hello! Everybody! I bet you’ve been wondering where I’ve been…Well, it’s been a reasonably long and dreary Winter, not helped by people inconsiderately messing with my hibernation…####’s!! However, I’ve been somewhere not so physical… I knew I was undergoing a transformation, have been undergoing it for a while, perhaps all of my Life? who knows?..Anyway, I was curious as to what I would come out as and naturally I’m thinking something real and tangible, but No! I’ve come out all,..Spiritual!!….no surprise really, but I was really rather hoping to come back as a Drummer…oh well…

  Nonetheless, I have immersed myself in the River, as it were and instead of a Drummer, have imaged myself as a busker,…a Seeker…and thus, this day I set myself to task, with my all-new, all-singing-and-a-dancing, one-metre-one-man-show…..and here I am…


….and off I go…….Christ it’s hot…….


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