MagicWand-Meds, Meds, Meds.

Morning Everyone!!…I hope u slept well, at least I think it’s the morning, it’s difficult to tell….Christ!..I’m turning into a poet!..must be the meds…difficult to tell here in incubation,..ah, well, must be the morning, they brought me my cereal and asked how I felt,..I told them fine and asked if I could be let out for a walk…..

Anyways, here is another jagged piece of my memory and slowly all is coming back, a broken mirror…must be the meds…and the incubation, always the incubation,..alone and isolated..rain, coma, rain, snow, wind, cold, coma, The Mandalay Palace Hotel, Grill and Bar(Karaoke Daily), rain, credit-cards, death, re-birth, rain, rocks, snow, rocks,…where has all this shit come from?..or is it just the meds,..who knows,…I spent most of last night watching Stars twinkling in the night sky,…but it wasn’t, it was reflections off the tin-foil wrapper that the night-nurse had left on the night-station after she had finished her kebab….

Meds, rain, cold, wind, rocks, mossies, kylie, dogs, cats, rain, wind, jungle, rocks, ice, coma, meds…must be the meds…uh oh! here she comes,..look at the size of that needle!!..u ain’t gonna stick that up my arrrrrrrr………2014-07-13-11.40.32_thumb.jpg


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