MagicWand. K2/K7-Climbing Mountains…The Lost Eight Days, contd..

2014-06-25 13.32.11I was in a bitter fog of endless grey and it was cold, getting colder…we couldn’t see a thing, me and sherpa dave, my assistant and general dogs-body as we trudged up to base-camp…it had been like this for three days and I wasn’t sure anybody knew where we were heading, then suddenly we were there in the middle of it and it wasn’t much…a few tents, old and new, some old washing-lines with some rags, a heap of supplies and rocks,…lots of rocks…and snow, of course. Anyway, we found our supplies, set-up and waited for the rest of the team, dave put the kettle on for a cuppa’ and I went for a look about,…there wasn’t much, pretty un-pre-possessing really,..then something happened and I had to rinse out some smalls…which I did whilst I was drinking tea,..then I went outside to hand them out to dry and as I’m doing so, along comes a party of monks with the royal-representative to the dalai llama come to bless this assault on the royal mountain. Now we don’t understand this because, of course, the translator is coming behind with the main group…all I understand is this old monk tears my smalls of the line and puts his dobi up, and all the time he’s muttering, cursing I thought, so naturally I go over and tear his rags down and then he intervenes and a slap is thrown and the next minute we’re having a right-royal dust-up there in the snow and the old git knows a few moves and he catches me a couple but finally I manage to get a throat-lock on him and now I’m choking him into submission when who should appear?? guessed it!! the main party,..who pull us apart and finally the translator explains that the royal-representative to the dalai llama is here to bless this expedition on our quest…and then they all look at me, and the same question is in all of their eyes, and then the team leader has to ask, ” why,..why were you hanging undies on the sacred line?..”

..and all I could say was the truth,..”..because when I was out about earlier the clouds parted and I saw the size of the mountain….”

must be the meds


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