MagicWand. K2/K7-Climbing Mountains…The Lost Eight Days…

I don’t know how long I’d been dead for, seemed like an Eternity yet equally could have been five minutes ago,..difficult to tell. Anyway, it was neither, it was in fact, eight days,..ergo, the lost eight days. I have no idea where they went but I remember they were full of wild dreams and seemingly mad hallucinations!! for example I was in a stinking, bug-ridden bed in a diseased hospice and in front of me was a china-man eating rice, and I asked him, “Why do you hold the bowl so close to your mouth, is it because you are afraid you will drop a grain and lose it?”

and he replied, ” No, it’s because I’m hungry.”

and I said, “oh, I thought it was because the grains of rice are so small that if you dropped one it would fall through the crack in the floor, and you would lose it,..unlike a potato or a broad-bean, for example.”

and he said, “No, it’s because I’m hungry.”

Must be the meds…

…and in another time, I was on a beach and it was red-hot!!. I felt dodgy to start with and the sun was sooooo hot and the water was less than clean,…so I packed-up and went home, to bed. That was Friday evening and I thought I was ill. Saturday morning I knew It. I had a temperature, I had D&V,..I could keep nothing down and I was de-hydrating.There was no-one around. I tossed and turned all day in bed under a mountain of covers and the outside was 40c. I was deteriorating. Saturday night was broken-crystal-shards and bloodied-shadows. Sunday dawned and I knew I was in the Rage of a Fever…I was alone..I grew fearful the fever would attack my congenitally weakened kidneys!! I determined I must get fluid and food into me, so I dragged myself to the car and drove 7 kms to the shop. How I got there I will never know…no memories at all…anyway, I did get there and in I stumbled. Inside it was bliss-fully dark and cool. I had in mind a bag of vegetable soup,..just open it and down it went,…off to the cool-counter,..but no, there was none,..I felt faint and toppled slowly forward, hands fell into something soft that gave way,..later this turned out to be 500g of grated-cheese,..but I knew I was going, head stopped on something cooling and I felt better,..until something jabbed me in the ribs, hard! I opened my eyes and looked down at her, she was an old woman, half my size, ” what do you want?..” she jabbered at me and pointed with an old finger,..she wanted a pack of yoghurts from the top shelf she couldn’t reach,..I grabbed a pack, bent down and gave it to her, she took it and then pointed at my head and pulled off the yogurt label that was stuck there,..the cooling thing on my head were the yoghurts, Fruits of the Forest…Later I dragged myself about and picked up a few things including a lovely, sweet melon, and off I went to the check-out…there at the head was some 54 year old virgin buying tons of dog-food and fucking about trying to impress the women behind..I groaned so loudly they opened another till and as I swung the 5l of water up, the handle broke and the bottle skidded under the conveyor thing, so now I’m groveling about, groaning, until I get it and pay and finally walk out into the blazing sun,..I almost faint and it’s sooo bright,..I can’t see my car. Grimly I stagger off in the direction I staggered in from and magically, the shopping is getting lighter!!..until I get to a car and guess who it isn’t?..Mr. canine-fucking-crunch!!..I look down and discover the source of the magic bag,…it has ripped and my meagre provisions are trailed across the car-park..I stagger about, picking them up and finally find my car, I fall in and career out so wildly out of control that mr. dog-biscuit had to jump in with his dogs to avoid being swept over!! Clearly and amazingly I did make it home without further drama and that melon saved my life. It was the only thing I could keep down, yet it had everything,..water and sugar, sugar and water..I ate it all and the next day, Monday, the fever had broken,..I knew it straight away,..I was weak as a kitten and I felt like shit, but I knew I had survived…and would go on…like climbing mountains,…must be the meds……



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