MagicWand. K2/K7-Descending Mountains…”The Day the Mountain cried a Tear.”

Miracles can happen,..or is it co-incidence?..certainly the snow-storm that kept dave and I buried for eight days created an enormous drift of ultra-fine powder into which he plunged…and emerged unscathed…miracle or co-incidence?..two days walk and he was back in the Maharajas’ Palace and Grill…a hero!!..and me..was it the same powder that stuck to my clothes as I tumbled off the peak,..that rolled me into a ball that rolled down the mountain, getting bigger and bigger until it was visible for miles around in all the local villages where they gasped at what would become known as, ” The Day the Mountain cried a Tear”, as it tracked majestically down the face of the mountain,..bounced, flew and returned to earth with a thud that cracked open like a scotch-egg and returned me to the land of the living…

Well, of course I had passed out a lonnggg time ago, white-out, red-out, black-out and then out for good,…I knew nothing of anything and came to on my back, and above me the mountain soared into the clear-night sky and the stars surrounded the summit like a celestial mantle, then I knew I was alive for nothing could have been more beautiful…2014-08-14 18.02.15

Me arriving back at The Maharajas’ Hotel Palace and Grill…what a surprise!!

Two days later and I was back in the Grill, re-united with my fellow mountaineer and none the worse really, well, not if you consider we had conquered the 2nd highest mountain on the planet, a rag-tag wanna-be-sherpa, and me,…

Anyway, that’s my story, K2/K7, the Illegitimate expedition…will Life ever be the same again?..probably,.nurse says they are going to discharge me, they say the dog is not rabid so I should be ok! Goodoh! ah! here she comes now…

Well, bye everybody,..I’m off to the agency,….I wonder if I’ll get a bonus……………


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