MagicWand-I’ve broken my brand-new, Magic-gearbox…

I’ve broken my brand-new, Magic-Gearbox,..It happened the other day in the middle of town. I was cruising along quite happily when from under the bonnet came a mighty Bang!! I lost all power and when I glanced in the rear-view-mirror all I could see was Magic-Dust, Stars, Moons, Rainbows, a couple of Unicorns and a Leprechauns’ waist-coat, all poured out of the exhaust,..I knew straight away that I’d ####ed my Magic Gearbox. The cops wanted to give me a ticket for speeding but a road-side test showed that I’d consumed nothing more than a cup of Tea and a bacon sandwich.

But I get ahead of myself…what happened was this. In the vehicle of my Life I’d been using the same old gearbox for years with no problem, had three gears, work, hard work and really hard work, there was also an overtime…well, I ripped them out and replaced them with Music, Image, Prose and Dreams…which was great, but I was too racy with them and my engine was tooooo strong, so I’ve been in Limbo since. However, after careful consideration I’ve re-built them but this time I’ve put in an extra clutch,..a Magic clutch that won’t engage unless everything is Lovely,.. so we’ll see, I think it will work this time,…brmm brmm…



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