A Green and Pleasant Land…

In reference to the up-coming Referendum on European Membership, I’d like to say something. The debate seems to be centering on the Economy. Forgive me, but has not England always been a Maritime/Trading Nation…have we not traded all over the Globe since we set sail…do we not have ancient trading histories with China and India, Russia, Africa, the Americas, have we not traded blows and then goods with Europe as far back as history records, The Scandinavian countries, Australasia…so is there any reason why we would not continue to trade globally?..No! there is’n’t…and that is that.

But more importantly, this Referendum is about Self-Determination,..the Right to choose our own path without exterior influence, Nationally and Individually-to make our own decisions about our futures’ and those of Future Generations…Times before England has defended the Right of the Individual and the Society to live our lives as we choose and now we are called again…So I say this-Rise up! Save yourselves and once again save the World-Show the World that our Lives are ours and are not to be interfered with..not by anyone!!. Be English…Be Free!!2016-02-23 15.16.42



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