Democracy-Run over and left to die, bye-bye…

2015-06-18 21.16.21

“Government of the people, by the people and for the people.” This was the ideal but it is long gone. We vote for our Government to represent us, our wishes, but they don’t, they implement the greed of business…at our expense. Fracking is a good example, it is emotive-and rightly so! In green and pleasant England we have National Heritage sites of Natural Beauty, these places are almost sacred..except when business comes to town then it becomes a grotesque free-for-all. You cannot sneeze there..but can you get a license to exploit it? of course you can!! and the local community, who don’t want their water poisoned, and say so in the majority, do they have their wishes considered? No! do they fuck, they are ignored, told to “Fuck Off! we want the money in this wonderful, ancient forest so “Fuck you!” and the license is issued and the money taken, the forest destroyed, the local community left with shit whilst business rushes off to fuck another community, endlessly. Like the cat run-over and left to die…our Government, our representatives, laughing, with pockets bulging. “Ha! Ha! Fuck You!!” This was never the ideal, we have lost something, we have lost it all…Bye-bye Democracy. R.I.P.


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