This is not America…

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Once upon a time there were writers who wrote great cowboy stories, J.T.Edson, Louis L’Amour and many others and the theme was commonly this: Powerful landowner fences off the water from the townsfolk so they could water the herd. To help, they enlist the corrupt sheriff and his bad deputies and hire a gunman to shoot down all the homesteaders who then enlist their own gun-slinger, Shane was one, who fight back until the federal marshall arrives and saves the day and drives-off the bad guys and the good guys win and Shane gets the girl-this has changed. Now the sheriff guns down all the homesteaders, the federal marshall arrives and guns down the rest, the bad guys win and the girl is gunned down as well…….same in foreign policy, there was a time when the world called for help against the bad guys and the U.S. cavalry arrived with their smiles and good power and charm and hershey’s and save the day and we loved them-this has also changed, now the people of the world cringe in terror as the U.S. arrives uninvited and kills everyone and plunders everything, then move on…I wonder about all those U.S. volunteers who gave their lives so we can be here, now, in this state we’re in…and the founding father’s, turning in their graves and scratching their ghostly heads thinking-“did we lay the foundations for this??…is this the nation that we envisaged??” I don’t know, but as a writer I can tell you there is no story now-no heroics, courage, love, sacrifice….just hatred and dead bodies…..I prefer Shane to Shame…………………


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