Welcome to the Age of Aquarius…

2015-08-06 17.01.33…an age of Love, Grace, Beauty and Understanding. Did you know that the West has been at war with the countries of the Middle-East for over twenty years? TWENTY FUCKING YEARS!! FUCK ME!! It took only six or seven to defeat the military might of the Nazi-War-Machine!! and the Fascism powering it…and I’m not talking some airy-fairy nonsense, I’m talking; kick-in your door in the middle of the night and take EVERYONE away for torture and murder-that type of Fascism…

So anyway, here we are, year twenty-plus, using OUR military might to bomb the shit out of a scrawny goat-herd and his scrawny wife and scrawny kids, living in a hut made of the finest papyrus and camel shit and we use F-16’s and Missiles and technology that has probes around the outer planets and Mr. Goat has a sling with a pebble…had to pause there…and in this time the Governments of the two major players went, Republican/Labour, R/L, Democrat/L, D/Conservative, R/C… or something like that, which indicates an inability to halt the war….hmmmm…(class-traitors, or someone else calling the shots??)…And what was the reason?.. Weapons of mass destruction coming in 5 minutes(Labour), ‘Look out! Duck!! Here comes another Scud Missile!’, or was it regime change…(even Star Trek had the first directive of non-intervention) let alone,.. Sovereign Right, Democratic Rule, The United Nations…or was it OIL?…the love that dare not speak it’s name…I haven’t noticed us bombing anybody that hasn’t sat on OIL, or anybody that sell us OIL, or swap it for F-16’s etc, etc…

So, what have we got out of this? Well, an uninterrupted flow of OIL, a shit-load of broken, revenge-laden people, a web of cover-ups, and of course…control of the people using good ‘ol Politics of Fear…well…

You have to conclude that if we couldn’t put the lid on Pandora’s Box in twenty-odd years then we probably won’t ever get it on…war without end…

So welcome to the Age of Aquarius, a Free-Age of Love, Grace, Beauty and Understanding…or actually…is it not the Controlled-Age of Fear, Hate, Murder and Distortion??

What a shame, what a shame for all of us lovely earthlings….just wanting to live and love in our earthling-paradise…



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