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“…Aromendar?….Yes,…. I remember Aromendar…..`What was it?` was an Infinity,…laid on an Infinity, crossing another Infinity an Infinite number of times,…Infinitely….

..and each time they touched, they produced a tiny,..`TING!` of Energy that briefly existed and Illuminated and we might call it a Universe,..and inside that Universe TING! of Energy would be smaller TINGS!, some scrawny Galaxy,..perhaps like ours,..and inside that  TING! would be other TINGS!, Stars and Planets and even smaller Tings!.. inside that Ting!, and that would be us,…Little Tings!…Little Sparks of Energy that briefly existed and Illuminated…That is Aromendar….”

 Quote from Journalist, resident at High-Security-Wing for the Insane. 10/01/11. Certified this same day.