My name is Mark Brook, and this is my story, well, me and the Wife…..and that’ where it starts, funnily enough. A couple of weeks ago we were in the, “WizardRing” Wedding shop buying our matching wedding rings,..ahhhh..how sweet!, when we inadvertently entered a Prize Draw. The Assistobot had activated our rings and that triggered our entry, and now here we are, Winners! with cases packed waiting for the Limousine which is provided courtesy of WedWeb, a popular Reality T.V show, I checked the instructions I had given the House,..feed the dog, feed the cat, fill the fridge, etc whilst upstairs the Missus was giving final instructions to the Decobot re; the painting of the Nursery…should all be done by the time we get back. Good! Ding, replies Computer, and the Image of the Limo,..floating knee-high at our front door appears on our WallScreen,  “Let’s go” I shout.

“I’m coming,..hold your horses,…” I was to hear a lot of that…..The doors slid closed and we both felt a slight tingle as we were scanned….all must have been ok because,…Ding..launching….and up we slid. At our designated height, we stopped, turned onto our heading, then slid off to the SkyPort. it was amazing to see everything flying about, a total maze,…but each vehicle separated by height. The maze became heavier as we approached and, Ding. we were descending,..then stopped,..knee height. Outside the Porterbot scanned our luggage, sealed and marked it with a blast of laser, then it dropped out of sight to join the labyrinth underground where it would start it’s journey to our HoneyMoon Suite!! Ding, please follow your names, invited the Porterbot, so we did, little green “Mark Brooks’”…up and down escalators and along travelators and everything quiet,..just the chat of people, no engine roars,…or non-stop announcements,…everything under control and informed. Ding, we reached our SkyPod,..in we went, it was a lounge, with enormous curved windows, a bar with a Stewardbot,…. Toilets,..plus of course a WallScreen that was displaying instructions and a flight plan and a countdown….2 minutes to launch, please take your seats…so we all did,….me and the missus were up front in a Galaxy Class cubicle, Special Guests! It was great!. Ding,  launching in, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and nothing happened, well it didn’t seem to, then i noticed the ground slipping away,…quite quickly now…the Tractor Beam from fb13 orbiting above had us and now we were really flying and, “ look! Darling! How wonderful!” and it was…the whole of Britain lay on it’s grey sheet of sea…and still we rose…Ding, transit time, 11 minutes…..so!..we looked at each other, we both knew what could be achieved in 11 minutes, and we were newly weds. “What about the cameras?” we were required to wear MiniCams 24/7 as part of the Reality Show conditions,…” face the window and bend over..” she did,,,” haha!” I laughed as we ‘###### zooming into Space, “they can’t see a thing!!” we laughed,….but they could, they could see everything,…were seeing everything in the reflections off the glass…..ooops,..still we weren’t to know,…..and it made great T.V., apparently,……but not as good as was to come.

Ding, leaving atmosphere,….and all of a sudden we were floating,…what fun! Then we stopped, suspended, turned,..then Ding, Photon burn in 3, 2, 1,…..and nothing..no sensation at all,.. but all the Stars had moved and below us the Earth had moved also, we were above the Himalayas…..we stopped, Ding, descending, and we did. I noticed we were now Tractored by fb39, and said so to the missus, “oh”, she said, but Computer logged my interest,,,,,,marketing, marketing. Ding, and we stopped, the doors slid open and we strolled into the lobby of the Everest Hilton. We were expected by the Receptobot who guided us to the HoneyMoon Suite right at the top of this enormous mushroom-shaped tower, in we went,…the Space was empty bar a single Rose in a Vase and a small Hologram waiting to introduce the various designs for Field-Force-Furnishing of the Suite,…the missus dived in and minutes later beds and dressers and things began to materialise,…White, of course, and very very plush. The missus was happy……and if she was happy……

Our Tour schedule started with a bang..as it were,,,and Ding, we were dressed and ready for the, “SaucerTour” of the mountain. I’d seen them on the way down, scurrying about the mighty mountain, and here we were, stepping into one, Ding, launching Tour, and up we rose. turned, and headed for the hills!. Below in the jungle we could see people hiking, just like the old days! We waved, and they waved back. On we went and the green jungle broke into rock, briefly, then snow, mountains of it! and now we were very high, almost circling the Summit…it was beautiful, So I said so to the missus and went to kiss her and that’s when it happened……Later, it was reckoned to be a Silvered Survival Blanket that must have gusted up and briefly obscured our TractorBeam…zilion to one chance they said…but that didn’t matter because our Saucer sort of slumped and then, miraculously, a zillion zillion to one shot,…another gust tiled us away from the beam,..and down we went…screaming…Computer, identifying the break in signal assumed we were landing and fired a low-reflective burn that probably saved our lives….for a moment we hung frozen in Space and Time, then we dropped like a brick…..10 feet! ten feet only, into deep, soft snow where we stopped…..like a saucer in a mound of rice.

We were unhurt. T.V. viewing figures went through the roof,….the audience expected us to make love one more time before we died in each others arms…..but no! I could see we still had Power and I had seen the Search and Rescue Orbiter and put that with the information streaming then I reckoned that it was only a matter of time before we were rescued. Snow fell and covered us in a white blanket, we were cocooned. I think we made love..later we were rescued,….made famous!….live!…..on Global T.V….



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